News for April 2019


First it is all about Safety!!

Ranger General Manger Alex Romanow III Accepts Syncrude Loss Prevention Leadership Award

Ranger Inspection™ is very pleased to have been awarded the Syncrude 9 Year Loss Prevention Excellence Safety Award. The award was presented for 9 years of safety excellence. We are proud of our accomplishment and working with an outstanding company like Syncrude. Their recognition of our commitment to safety and loss prevention is a testimony to what we provide our customers every day. Thank you to everyone at Syncrude particularly the field personal we work with as they are an outstanding team and make our work a pleasure! It is our absolute pleasuring working with Syncrude and all the outstanding people there.

We will put this one up on the wall along with all of our other safety awards and recognition from the great people and companies we work with.

We are not bragging about our commitment to safety. Actually – yes, we are!

Next it is all about Providing Service!!

Always leading the way and introducing New Services!!

Ranger Inspection™ Adds Drone Inspection Capability & Services

Let us take your inspections to new heights or depths. With the addition of our new fleet of Drones Ranger Inspection Ltd. is going places no person has gone before or at least without costly setup, scaffolding, cranes and other means of access.

We now perform Internal Tank Drone Inspections in conjunction with our out-of-service Tank inspections effectively accessing areas of the upper shell plate, rafter, and roof systems. Drones add a capability that may reduce inspection costs and provide access that otherwise may not be realized for our clients

Transport & air space regulations and requirements regarding the use of Drones in an enclosed area such as a tank are not restricted for many applications.

Heads Up for Ranger Inspection™ introducing Drones with Ultrasonic Capability

Details and Demos coming soon!

Ranger Inspection™ & Storage Tank Calibration Add Geomatic Software to In House 3D Scanning Repertoire.

We are the Tank and equipment experts so to add efficiency, a working knowledge, and cost reduction for our clients we have brought in-house the hardware, software, and training to provide accurate and comprehensive 3D Laser scan data evaluation and reporting.

Our capabilities with the new hardware and software system are extensive and applicable in many areas, on all types of equipment, across a vast number of industries.

Tank Talk

Robotics and In-service Inspections:

  • Does not replace an out of service inspection.
  • The industry is still looking for good results.
  • Limited product applications.
  • Are you satisfying your company requirements?
  • What are you accomplishing?
  • What are you missing?

MFL Tank Floor Scanners:

  • Who makes what?
  • Which unit is best?
  • Lots of performance claims.
  • Limitations you need to know.
  • What is your inspection missing?
  • What is your Inspector/Operator experienced and competent?

3D Scanning and Tank Calibration:

  • 3D scanning is not an accepted technique by API MPMS as of April 01 / 2019.
Tanks to everyone who has contributed to our success – Past, Present, and Future!
About Ranger Inspection™
Ranger Inspection™ provides API / NACE / NDE Inspection, Engineering & Consulting, Strapping & Volumetric Calibration, 3D Imaging, Drone, Safety & Rescue, and Think Tanks Educational & Training Seminars on aboveground and underground storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and equipment.

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