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Ranger 3D Imaging is committed to providing industry best 3D Laser Scanning / Imaging / Modeling / Calibration / Analysis / Inspection and Engineering Services.

Utilizing the latest in 3D scanning equipment.

We have invested our resources to put our customer services on the forefront by acquiring and utilizing the latest in 3D scanning equipment and the most comprehensive 3D modeling, engineering, and analysis software available.

We provide in-house analysis by our inspectors and engineers in accordance with applicable codes and standards including the American Petroleum Institute (API).

A division of Ranger Inspection™. ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Please call 403-252-4487

Ranger Inspection™ has upgraded all aspects of our 3D Laser Scanning and Imaging division Ranger 3D Imaging.

Ranger 3D Imaging provides 3D Laser Scanning and Imaging services in conjunction with 3D Modelling to perform tank, piping, vessel, and equipment analysis increasing the following:

  • Data collection points: More comprehensive data
  • Accuracy: Incredibly detailed images of complex environments
  • Speed: Faster turnaround
  • Cost effectiveness: Value in comprehensive data collected
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3D Laser Scanning and Imaging Services

  • 3D Laser Scan Imaging for Internal and External Settlement Evaluation

  • 3D Laser Scan Imaging for Shell Plate Deflection / Deformation / Plumbness

  • 3D Laser Scan Imaging for Berm Capacity Calculation and Evaluation

  • 3D Laser Scan Imaging for Column Tilt / Plumbness Survey and Evaluation


Our Use of Specialized Equipment and Sophisticated Technology Helps Us Deliver World-Class Services.
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Imaging Services

  • 3D Laser Scanning / Imaging / Modeling / Analysis

  • Tanks, Vessels, Spheres, Bullets, Piping, Oil Tankers, Equipment and Asset 3D Laser Scanning

  • New Construction / Existing Equipment / Repair / Inspection

  • Facility Scanning, Imaging, Mapping

  • Storage Tank Strapping and Calibration Utilizing 3D Laser Scanning

  • Storage Tank Internal and External Settlement Measurement and Evaluation

  • Storage Tank Bottom Plate Profile Modelling and Evaluation

  • Shell Plate Profile / Deflection / Deformation / Plumbness / Out-of-Round

  • Berm and Dike Capacity, Containment, and Volume Calculations

  • Column Tilt / Plumbness Survey and Evaluation

  • Structural Analysis Modeling and Evaluation

  • Creation of Volumetric Calibration Tables

  • Hydrostatic Test Monitoring

  • Tank Floating Roof Cycle Profile and Evaluation

  • Site Mapping / Modelling

  • Piping and Pipe Rack Settlement

  • Engineering

  • Design

  • Repair Recommendations, Supervision, Oversight of Repairs in Accordance with API

  • Post Repair Inspection

  • As-Built Drawings


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World-Class Services. Global Reach.

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