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Think Tanks 2023

Ranger Inspection™ and PEMY Consulting would like to tank everyone who helped make ThinkTanks23 a great success!

The event was held February 22 – 24 / 2023 via Zoom where we hosted a variety of leading international experts covering various topics including aboveground storage tank design and inspection, engineering, API updates, industry case studies, emerging technologies and innovations, owner / operator presentations, and other technical demonstrations.

Many of our presentations may be eligible for professional development hours (PDH) within your field. Check with your certifying body for eligibility.

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Greg Mann | Ranger Inspection™

David Cushman | West Virginia Paint LLC

Phil Myers | PEMY Consulting


John Cornell | H.I.R. Technical Services

Earl Crochet | Crochet Midstream Consulting

Andrew Yearwood | PEMY Consulting

ThinkTanks23 Speakers

With many more!


Meet and learn from industry leaders!

Enjoy a program of speakers and presentations covering the latest industry topics.

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Previous Think Tanks Presentations:

  • Effective use of Side‐Entry Tank Mixers for Aboveground Storage Tank Industry
  • INC ‐ API 12 Series Standards Update
  • The Grim Reaper: Tank Lining Failures
  • TransCanada Pipelines ‐ Underground Storage Tanks in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • SYSCOR Controls & Automation Inc. ‐ Floating Roof Monitor Tracker
  • What exactly happened in West Virginia? Tank Foundations/Settlement Problems
  • Gasoline Storage Tank Vapor Clouds – How Much Risk?
  • Lightning Protection & Risk Analysis
  • API MPMS Chapter 2: Calibration
  • Enbridge Pipelines: API Standards update
  • Tank Repair Topics
  • Industry Trends in Tank Overfill Protection
  • History: Product Storage over the last 5000 years
  • “Why Floating Roof Seals are Like Tires: Evaluating the Options When Specifying and Purchasing a Seal”
  • Esso Imperial Oil Research and Engineering ‐ High vapour pressure crude test procedure ASTM D6377
  • Optical flame detection for tank rim seal fire
  • Floating Roofs
  • Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Strange Failures and Novel Innovations in the World of Coatings and Linings
  • Shop Fabricated Tank Standard STI – SP031
  • Static Electricity Ignitions – Recognizing, Evaluating, and Controlling the Hazard
  • An Assessment of the Impact of Edge Settlement and Tank Lifting on the Floor to Shell Joint of Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Floating Roof Design
  • Technologies for In-Service Measurement of Seal Gaps in Internal Floating Roof Tanks
  • Confined Spaces, Are They Safe to Enter? Why do People Die in Confined Spaces?
  • Keynote Speaker: Energy Market Overview
  • API 545 Lightning Protection
  • Saskatchewan Upstream Petroleum Industry Storage Standards S-01 an Update
  • Don’t Get Burned by Hot Work – Best Practices for Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Degassing Tanks, Why Beneficial?
  • Tank Pipe Support Design, Options and Issues
  • Crude Oil Tank Bottoms Recovery Utilizing Latest Tank Bottom Cleaner and Effective Mixing
  • Understanding Settlement and Related Issues
  • Robotic Tank Cleaning Operations: Increasing Safety and Efficiency
  • Product Blending, Enhancing & Upgrading with Side Entry Tank Mixers and the Use of Engineering Simulation to Determine Required Flow Patterns
  • Evaporation Loss Estimation (CELE) Update
  • Emissions Impact from Tank Cleaning & Floating Roof Landing Losses
  • Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations
  • Testing Atmospheres – Safely
  • Assessing New Technologies for Oil Tank Inspections
  • No Entry Cleaning of Crude Tanks
  • Tank Gauging Installation Considerations
  • Making Terminal and Tank Project Management a Competitive Advantage
  • Inspecting and Protecting External Floating Roof Surfaces - Connecting a Missing Link
  • Macroeconomic Discussion Including Impacts of Inflation, Monetary Policy, Real Assets, and Cryptocurrency
  • Tank Foundation Settlement Tolerance: A Case History from Port Moody, BC
  • API 2350 5th Edition: The Good, The Better, The Unexpected
  • Lessons Learned from 36 Years of Flammable Liquid Firefighting
  • Emerging Drone Technologies for Inspection and Analysis in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • AST Corrosion Control and Monitoring with VCI Applications
  • The New API 12R1 and What It Means for the Upstream Industry
  • Update on Latest Documents Published by API's Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Corrosion Control Inspection, Monitoring, and New Technologies for ASTs
  • New API Publication on Natural Disasters and Tanks
  • State of the Art Robotics Technology
  • Addressing Risk to ASTs in the Chemical Industry
  • Advocating for Risk Based Inspections in the US