Ranger Drone

Ranger Drone is the solution that places accuracy, safety, efficiency, cost savings, and peace of mind at the forefront of your next inspection project or specialty application.
Ranger Drone

Ranger Drone provides safe collision-tolerant drones and UAVs for inaccessible, difficult-to-reach, and confined entry spaces to a broad range of industries with many successful flight missions completed.

A Ranger Drone Inspection allows you to pinpoint, identify, record, evaluate, create 3D images & models with photogrammetry, capture, display, and report areas of concern and repair.

Ranger Drone uses the most reliable and capable specialized equipment and technology including Flyability and DJI when performing outdoor, indoor, and confined space drone inspection services.

We combine the industry leading Flyability Elios 2 collision-tolerant drones with professional Drone Pilots, Certified Inspectors, with the correct insurance and safety programs to deliver an unprecedented level of access within indoor and confined spaces.

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Providing safe operation of Drones and UAVs for inaccessible and difficult-to-reach places over a wide range of industries:

Confined Space Drone Inspection

Inspect and explore indoor and confined spaces with our collision tolerant drones, improving safety and providing a less costly alternative to ropes, scaffolds, lifts, cranes, and excessive manpower. Confined space entry and viewing is possible with no risk to human life while providing fast, efficient access and viewing to critical areas. Time, cost, and safety are the main advantages.

Ultrasonic Drone Inspection

SKY RANGER ULTRASONIC DRONE technology can attain reliable and valid ultrasonic material thickness readings and data for evaluation of the most inaccessible and difficult to reach indoor and outdoor areas.

Photogrammetry & 3D Modelling

Drone and software applications are used to create 3D images & models with photogrammetry adding data that gives a new level of information in inaccessible environments without having to risk anyone’s safety to obtain it. The data is used to build models to evaluate the shape and condition of structures, track changes over time, plan maintenance and design changes, and create a safe plan of human entry to an unknown environment.


Our advanced drones carry payloads including full HD and 4K cameras, thermal cameras, flexible vision above and below, ultrasonic probes, and onboard lighting systems to illuminate any dark areas.

A wireless communication system provides a live video feedback allowing the pilot to bring the drone into the most inaccessible places hundreds of meters beyond the line of site.

All data recorded during the flight is logged and the post-flight video may be analyzed frame-by-frame with points of interest (POI) marked during a flight extracted as screen shots and still images. A video stream of the thermal sensor may be displayed as an overlay of the full HD stream providing additional information when thermal imaging is crucial to the mission.

Our certified API / CWB / AWA / NACE / CGSB / ASNT and experienced weld inspectors complete our drone service by evaluating data collected (real time or after inspection) and reporting the findings in a comprehensive final report signed off by a certified inspector.


  • Industrial, Commercial, Residential, & Private Drone Services

  • Inspection of Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Piping, Towers, Stacks

  • Inspection of In-Service & Out-of-Service Tanks & Equipment

  • In-Service Inspection of Internal &External Floating Roofs &Floating Roof Seals

  • Inspection of Tank Shell, Welds, Roof and Rafters, Nozzles, Piping, Columns

  • Berm and Dyke Capacity, Containment, and Volume Calculations

  • Refineries, Tank Farms, Oil & Gas Facilities, Pipeline

  • Inspection of Bridges, Beams, Girders, Supports, Cabling

  • Inspection of Buildings, Rooms, Attics, Crawl Spaces, Tunnels

  • Confined Spaces, Sumps, Corridors

  • Inspection of Welds, Corrosion, Coatings, Surfaces

  • New Construction, Existing Infrastructure

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Search and Rescue

  • Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection

  • Mapping and Modelling of Inaccessible Terrain and Locations

  • Photogrammetry & 3D Imaging & Modelling

  • Building a Safe Entry and Inspection Procedure

  • Site Mapping and Monitoring

  • Surveying


An SFOC is not required for indoor operations.

SFOC is not required for indoor operations. As of June 01, 2019, the 900 series Canadian Aviation Regulations do not apply to indoor drone operations.

We have Reliability Status Designated Organizational Screening (DOS) with the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate including a Company Security Officer (CSO) and an Alternate Company Security Officer (ACSO).

Ranger Drone has experienced certified Drone Pilots, registered drones, insurance, knowledge, and experience to take you places not seen before. We are UP for any challenge and will take you to new heights safely and cost effectively.

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