Ranger Calibration Continues a Thirty-Year History of Service


Ranger Calibration Continues a Thirty-Year History of Service

Ranger Calibration continues a thirty-year history of calibration services and continues to produce the most accurate volumetric calibration tables in the industry.

Tables are calculated and generated in-house utilizing the proprietary software program developed by G.D. Bowles and enhanced under Storage Tank Calibration. This program along with the field procedures became and remain the standard in North America and around the Globe.

Detailed volumetric tables are compiled and formatted according to the client’s requirements.

Comprehensive tables can incorporate any standard units of measure for size, volume or both.

About Ranger Inspection™
Ranger Inspection™ provides API / NACE / NDE Inspection, Engineering & Consulting, Strapping & Volumetric Calibration, 3D Imaging, Drone, Safety & Rescue, and Think Tanks Educational & Training Seminars on aboveground and underground storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and equipment.

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